Mirela Cretu

Mirela Cretu Signal Connect 2015 1Mirela Cretu is the HR Manager of Kimball Electronics Romania starting May 2015.

Mirela attended the faculty of Pedagogy and Education Sciences in 2003 and, later on in 2005 a Master in Education Policies; as professional path, she set up career opportunities against strict boundaries, but rather leading herself to be part of a social capital culture.

Mirela kicked off her career by working for non-governmental organizations between 2003 and 2006, including Center for Rural Assistance, part of Soros Network. She experienced a major turning point when she began to interact with the HR division of the various companies, the first time as a consultant in Solutions Driven (2006-2008), and later on leading the recruitment as Staffing Manager of edy Group. In 2012 she took the leading role of human resources as HR Manager of Prevent Automotive Romania and in May 2015 she took the opportunity of the start-up business for extending European operations of Kimball Electronics in Romania.

Mirela’s business scope has a major reach to different industries with consultancy, entrepreneurial and multinational companies in her portfolio. She directed major organizational change programs in the companies she activated, with a major driver in improvement and redesign HR areas.

Having a +10-year experience both in Human Resources and non-governmental organizations, her professional background includes recruiting and retention programs, performance management design and implementation, a strong experience in Employee Relations and organization communication, along with management of international funding.